The Oasis Marsa Alam, Rotes Meer, Ägypten, Tauchen und Entspannen

Diving Centre


The „THE OASIS DIVING CENTER“ is as well as the hotel “The Oasis” a joint project of Werner Lau and Sinai Divers. Due to this cooperation a maximum amount of service, professionalism and joy of diving can be offered.

The diving centre, professionally run by Ilona und Roland Lewin situated directly in the hotel of "The Oasis", 20km north of Marsa Alam. They looking forward to dive with you.

With their team of multilingual diving instructors and dive masters they offer all levels of instruction according to SSI, Barakuda (CMAS) and PADI guidelines.

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The new diving centre is equipped especially to cover the requirements and wishes of the divers. Even in times of high demand we guarantee enough hire equipment for everyone.

The centre is equipped with at least the following equipment:

  • 30 Jackets (Scubapro)
  • 30 Regulators with octopus, pressure gauge and inflator
  • 30 sets of mask, snorkel and fins
  • 50 wetsuits (all 5mm thick)
  • 10 diving computers (compressed air/nitrox)
  • 10 underwater torches

For the efficient organisation of the diving we have 100 12l aluminium tanks (DIN + INT) filled from two compressors available. For guests with equipment problems, our well stocked workshop is available if needed, supported by the advice from our staff.

It goes without saying, that nitrox is also available here without charge!


Your own Equipment

All private equipment is stored in boxes at the Dive Centre and will be transported to the dive boats each day by our staff.


Your Safety

Our diving boats and land vehicles are all equipped with oxygen and a first-aid-kit, as well as radio and telephone. The nearest medicinal facility is in Marsa Alam or, in severe cases treatment is ensured in Hurghada. The nearest decompressions chamber is only 10 km away in Marsa Shagre.


Diving Sites

The area around Marsa Alam is rated as one of the best diving area in the world and as one of the few diving areas in the Red Sea that's not overrun.

There is something here for everyone, gently sloping dives from the beach, trips by car to more remote bays or trips by boat to legendary reefs such as Elphinstone, Abu Dabbab and Samadai Reef (Dolphin House).

The house reef which drops down fast and steeply, has everything experienced divers could wish for.

We also offer further trips by car to more remote bays or by boat to the top spots on the infinite reefs.

The walls of the famous Elphinstone reefs (deep sea white tipped sharks), the lush soft corals that grow down into the blue, decorated with sponges, gorgonian fans and farns, cast their spell over everyone. Abu Dabbab (Swim through's and caves) and Samadai Reef (large schools of dolphins) are further highlights.


House reef

Directly in front of the diving centre there is a wonderful house reef (border reef). Here a super conditions for beach dives, night dives and open water dives during courses.

Dives are made from the jetty which is built out over the edge of the reef. The sea is about 12 m deep here. The reef slopes slowly down before dropping off sharply into the blue! The reef can be dived to the north or to the south.

Along with some very pretty hard and soft corals there are also large numbers of typical Red Sea fish. A real highlight are the large pelagic fish travelling along the "aquatic road” in north/south direction. Along with manta rays, turtles and dolphins, more and more dugongs have been sighted.

One dive at the house reef per day is included in the diving box "The Oasis". This also includes early-morning dives and night dives.

On few days in the year with strong wind the rough swell can make the access to the reef more difficult or even occasionally impossible.


Diving trips

Most of the diving trips take place by car. We offer trips daily in both the morning and the afternoon, each including one dive. The travelling time is between 5 minutes to 1 hour depending on the diving site. For more distant reefs 2 tank dives are offered. In addition, boat dives are offered regularly to the various super reefs such as Elphinstone, Abu Dabbab and Samadai Reef.

In all, we offer a selection from about 30 different diving spots which guarantees a diversity of dives.


Diving courses

To allow you a first impression of diving, we offer introductory dives at the pool several times a week free of charge. For those who are interested in learning to dive we offer professional courses to SSI, Barakuda (CMAS) and PADI guidelines. These courses last four days in small groups of up to a maximum of 6 people.

The course is planned so that the theory and practical instruction (6 dives) alternate to make the course more interesting. After passing the exam, the diving students receive an internationally recognised certificate (SSI/PADI Open Water Diver / CMAS*).

For those who only wish to try out diving in the wonderful under water world of the Red Sea, we also offer this opportunity with introductory dives of 15-20 minutes. In a depth of only 4-5 meters it is like being in an aquarium and you can enjoy the beautiful world of the coral reefs. This service is offered on a one-to-one basis of one guest and one diving instructor.

We also offer advanced courses up to SSI Divecon, CMAS Gold and PADI Divemaster as well as different special courses and nitrox diving.



The new DIVING CENTER is situated on the slopes of the wonderful comfortable hotel "The Oasis" and is ideal for the instruction of beginners and for house reef dives.