The Oasis Marsa Alam, Rotes Meer, Ägypten, Tauchen und Entspannen

leisure time / Excursions


Besides diving "The Oasis" offers everything you need in the way of peace and quiet. There is no animation, no television, radios or telephones (except for emergencies) to intrude on the relaxing atmosphere.


Leisure facilities

A large pool with a breathtaking view of the Red Sea in one of the hotel many features. Sun loungers with large sun shades offer shady spots for relaxation.



Apart from massages further special relaxation programs as well as reflexology are offered. Please click here for further details

These treatments take place behind the palm grove



Guests of "The Oasis" shouldn’t miss taking advantage of the opportunities offered to experience the fascination of the surrounding Eastern Desert!

The "Eastern Dessert" has been a silent witness to various cultures for thousands of years. The Romans, Ptolemy dynasty and the ancient Egyptians have all left their mark...

We will introduce you to the naturals wonders of this desert, send you on a journey through the eventful history of the region and we will show you the stars! All you could wish for – on foot, on camels and/or by jeep.

Here an example of some of the excursions available:


  • Sunset in the desert:

    Peace and quiet can be found at the so-called MADHAFA, a Bedouin guesthouse, in the silence of the desert, not far from the OASIS. The tour begins in the afternoon. After a short drive through the desert, we reach our rendezvous with the camels. With these, we continue our journey further on to join the Bedouin. After approximately 30 minutes, we arrive at the MADHAFA (guesthouse) - an excellent viewpoint from which to observe the colourful display of sunset in the desert. While sharing a cup of coffee, tea and bread (all freshly prepared on site), one is able to enjoy the hospitality of the Bedouin, and experience their true way of life.

  • Astro-Tour:

    One does not often have the chance to observe the stars, as one does in the EASTERN DESERT. Undisturbed by light and noise, your observation of the starry skies is a unique experience. Through the guides’ explanation, the mysteries of the “universe” start to unfold, and all possible questions are addressed. A powerful laser is used to accurately point out various stars and their constellations. Participants can also make use of telescopes to more accurately observe objects in “DEEP SPACE”. For 10 days of the month, the moonlight is too bright to be able to view the stars undisturbed. Nevertheless, we would also like to invite all our guests to become familiar with the desert by moonlight. Thus, one can either enjoy a truly indescribable experience viewing these heavenly bodies, or simply enjoy the atmosphere of the desert by moonlight.
    The duration of this tour is approximately 3 hours, and begins after dinner.

  • combination of the Sunset Tour and the Astro Tour
      It is also possible to combine both tours, i.e. Sunset in the desert together with the Astro tour. Dinner, prepared by the Bedouin, is also included in this option – a traditional desert barbecue, not to be missed!
  • Shelatin – the door to Africa:
      Shelatin is a trading centre, 260km south of Marsa Alam. Located between Marsa Alam and the Sudan, it was until recently closed to any form of tourism. Therefore, one now has the unique opportunity to explore the area, as one of the the first visitors. Being one of the most important trading centres in southern Egypt, Shelatin comprises a mixture of various ethnic groups. True Africa, begins here. Camels arrive from the Sudan, bringing special handmade crafts, which are traded for goods, otherwise not available in their own country. Everywhere, one can see the purple “kalabeias” of the Rashaid, a wealthy tribe through the camel trade. The Bishari and Ababda, are ethnic groups from the Sudan. Whips and curved daggers are worn as symbols of status. There are otherwise numerous small stalls, selling seemingly everything available. Here, one experiences Arabic culture in it’s purest form!
  • The Emerald Towns - National Park Wadi el Gemal (Valley of camels)

    This tour combines numerous distinguishing aspects of the EASTERN DESERT: impressive landscapes, encounters with wild animals and a remote location with historical sites.
    The tour starts early in the morning. After travelling along the coast for approximately one hour, we arrive at the National Park, “Wadi el Gemal” - named after the valley “Wadi el Gemal” (Valley of Camels). In the first century, this part of the wadi, was an important trading route between the Red Sea and the Nile. For a desert, it is relatively lush and green. Thus, encounters with wild animals are quite frequent. We continue our journey eastwards. Along the route, many traces of the “EASTERN DESERTS” changing history, can be found: Roman settlements for travelling caravans, graves of the Blemmi (ancestors of the Bedouin), and much more. After travelling for 2 hours, we arrive at the ruins of the city Geli, from the Roman period. From here, the emeralds were processed for further transportation to the Nile. There is the possibility of climbing a nearby hill, to enjoy an exquisite view of the area stretching to the Nile. After a short journey, we arrive in the Roman town of MARFUAH, where similarly, emeralds were processed. From here we wander over the sand dunes to our place of rest, where we enjoy our lunch being served in the romantic setting nature has created for us. We continue our journey on to one of the most famous ancient settlements in the National Park – Sakit. Sakit is particularly spectacular because of it's well preserved ruins, one of them a temple, carved out of rock.

  • The Gold Tour – to ancient gold mines:
      On this tour, we trace the history and experience the beauty of nature in this area.
    From the bay of Nakari, we follow Wadi Anba Ut, in a westerly direction. Along the coast, one can find the remains of an ancient Roman harbour. This was the starting point for caravans travelling on their way to the Nile, and passes by various gold mines. During this trek, one can see numerous ancient towns, ancient writings and other silent witnesses to this time in history. The so-called „bull horn mills“ were used to extract gold from the surrounding rocks. Rock carvings and a former fountain, date back to the Ptolemar period, the last Pharaoh of Egypt. After a journey of approximately 2 hours, we rest in the shade of Acacia trees, and enjoy some tea and coffee. On the return journey, we stop to enjoy another stunning sunset.
  • A Night in the Desert:
      To spend the night in the desert, is an unforgettable experience. The absolute quiet and spectacular view of the night sky, are experiences which are rarely offered us. Departure from the hotel is in the afternoon – early enough to enable us to still enjoy sunset. We have two possibilities for reaching our encampment: one can simply drive there with the 4 x 4 (approx. 1 hour), or travel by camel (approx. 3 hours). Nearby our destination, there is a hill, easily climbed, from whose peak we have a fantastic view over the high lying plains. The perfect spot to enjoy sunset. During the evening, the Bedouin serve tea, coffee, and later on, dinner. On request, a goat can also be prepared and served - a local speciality.